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RAF 1940 "Battle of Britain" Pattern Replica Sector Wall Clock with Silent Quartz Movement and Sweep Second hand (Size 12" / 30.5cm)



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Discover a piece of history with our superior-quality replica sector clocks, featuring a distressed and aged dial encased in genuine glass. These clocks are not your average wall timepieces; they offer a unique design that serves as an excellent conversation starter in any office, workshop, garage, reception area, and more. The design is inspired by the original clocks used in RAF sector rooms during World War II, making it a historical artifact for enthusiasts.

Historical Significance:

Originally referred to as "colour change clocks," these timepieces were introduced in 1917 by the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), the predecessor of the RAF. They were crucial for monitoring the movements of German planes and airships, a practice further refined during World War II. The clocks gained fame during the Battle of Britain and remained in use on some air force bases through the Cold War. Today, original clocks are highly prized, with auction prices in the UK ranging from £5,000 to £8,000 ($6,500 to $10,500).

Design and Features:

Several versions of the clock existed during the war, each with slight variations in face details but consistently featuring the iconic red, blue, and yellow triangles. The MWC replica stays true to the original design, including a sweep second hand, mirroring the electric versions used during the war.


The Sector Clock played a crucial role in Ground-controlled interception (GCI) before the advent of modern computerized airspace control systems. Its face features five-minute red, yellow, and blue triangular segments, with an outer 12-hour ring and an inner 24-hour dial. Aircraft positions were logged along with the color of the triangle beneath the minute hand at the time of sighting, and this information was relayed to sector headquarters. Counters representing each air raid were moved across a map of the UK, allowing Fighter Controllers to quickly assess the formation and direction of enemy aircraft. The counter color indicated the age of the information, facilitating swift and effective decision-making.


  • Case: Strong and robust polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 30.5 cm (approx. 12")
  • Movement: Highly accurate silent quartz movement with sweep second hand
  • Power: 1 x AA battery (supplied)

This clock comes ready to use with an AA battery included, ensuring a silent operation free from the annoying ticking sound typical of most quartz wall clocks.

Choose our sector clock for a blend of historical charm and modern reliability, perfect for adding a unique touch to any space.

Installation Note:

To avoid breakage, ensure the clock is securely mounted. We recommend using a screw and Rawlplug on a brick or concrete wall. For wood surfaces, a screw can be used directly.

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