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MWC 500m (1640ft) Water Resistant Black PVD Steel Automatic Divers Watch With 12/24 Dial, Sapphire Crystal, Ceramic Bezel and Helium Valve

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Product Details

SKU Code: XLD/A24/SSPVB/500

The MWC Kampfschwimmer (Military Diver) 500m water-resistant models with a helium escape valve are part of MWC's latest heavy-duty range of divers' watches. These models feature a significantly more robust case than most other military dive watches, offering additional crown protection, an impact-resistant sapphire crystal, and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel.

Key Features:

  • Robust Design: The Kampfschwimmer range uses a wider 24mm strap, compared to the typical 20mm strap on most military divers' watches, and features a thicker bezel design for easier grip. This design was specified in a procurement contract for use by police and military divers, as well as in inflatables operating in cold and extreme environments.
  • Covert Matte Black PVD Finish: This special non-reflective PVD finish is often specified in military contracts for special forces units, anti-terrorist units, and covert operations. The PVD process chemically alters the steel at a molecular level, ensuring superior durability compared to painted finishes, which can fade or rub off easily. This finish maintains its integrity even during heavy usage, though it can be compromised by severe abrasion against rocks.


  • Dial: U.S. 12/24 hour format NATO pattern, finished in black PVD stainless steel.
  • Movement: 24-jewel automatic with a hacking function for synchronization and a 41-hour power reserve.
  • Water Resistance: 500m/1,640ft
  • Helium Escape Valve: Essential for saturation divers to prevent internal pressure buildup from helium molecules.
  • Crown: Screw Down Locking
  • Case Dimensions:
    • Width Including Crown: 48mm
    • Width Excluding Crown: 43mm
    • Thickness: 16mm
    • Lug to Lug: 50mm
  • Crystal Diameter: 31mm
  • Crystal Type: Shatter and scratch-resistant sapphire with anti-reflective coating.
  • Weight Including Strap: 120g
  • Case Material: 316L PVD Steel
  • Illumination: Luminova on markers and hands
  • Lug Type: Spring
  • Strap: 24mm NATO webbing strap

Benefits of Sapphire Crystal:

Synthetic sapphire is the best material for watch crystals due to its exceptional strength and resistance to shattering and scratching. These characteristics make it highly appealing to military and security personnel, police officers, and those with active outdoor lifestyles, accounting for over 70% of our customers. In accidents resulting in a cracked crystal, over 90% involve watches with mineral glass crystals. Even hardened mineral crystals do not match the durability of sapphire. Heat-treated to remove internal stresses, sapphire crystals are then coated with two layers of anti-reflective coating, making them even stronger. Although more expensive, sapphire crystal is typically found on higher-end watches and is also used in the latest iPhones.

These attributes make the MWC Kampfschwimmer an excellent choice for those seeking a robust, reliable, and stylish timepiece suitable for both professional diving and demanding everyday use.

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