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Classic 1970s - MIL-W-46374 Pattern Military Watch on a Black Military Webbing Strap



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This watch is virtually identical in appearance to the watches used by American GI's at the end of the Vietnam war. The late Vietnam watches, which were designated MIL-W-47374A were the replacement for the earlier watches which were made of plastic and deemed disposable. It is highly likely that the US government and the watch manufacturers they worked with at the time came to the same realization as ourselves namely that plastic watches are not durable enough for the job in hand, interestingly 15 years ago we upgraded all of our Vietnam watches which were based on the plastic case designs to metal so it's quite clear that any manufacturer would ultimately look to go down this path simply to improve durability and overall quality because disposable watches are clearly just not cost effective.

  •     Metal Case
  •     Thickness 8 mm
  •     Strap size 18 mm
  •     Strap type: US Pattern Military Strap
  •     Width incl crown 36 mm
  •     Width excl crown 33 mm
  •     Crystal diameter 29 mm
  •     Movement Quartz
  •     Battery Type: R626SW, Energizer 377 or equivalent
  •     Supplied in a tin

The last but one image shows one of the original watches from 1972 the final image is the original Vietnam War plastic Watch referred to above, and on which the successor was ultimately based.


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