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Pair of Watch Pins Designed to Create the Appearance of a Military Watch with Fixed Solid Bars



Product Details

These heavy duty watch pins are designed to be used with military and other tactical watches which were originally fitted with spring bars, but where there is a desire to create the appearance of fixed, solid military pattern bars, as used on many military watches including MWC, CWC, and Pulsar. These pins also enable you to convert a civilian Seiko or Pulsar watch to resemble the military equivalent, this is very desirable for a lot of clients because these two brands as with MWC and CWC are used by many armed forces and police units worldwide. We have added two pictures of a Seiko model which benefits greatly from the use of these pins, because it is extremely close in appearance to the full military spec issue model.

One factor that must be kept in mind is once the pins are changed from conventional spring bars it can be awkward to remove these bars unless your watch has drilled lugs like the Seiko in the final image, if you need confirmation, you can always send us an image of your watch to checkalternatively we have what are often termed QR bars which are very similar in appearance, but can be removed with by moving a button on the bar, these are also shown here on the website, but to achieve the closest appearance to watches with fixed bars we recommend using these ones shown here. In the event, you have a watch, which does not have drilled lugs removing them is not particularly difficult because you can simply cut them in the middle and remove the two parts but they work best with watches, which have drilled lugs already which enables you to push the end of the pin in to remove it from the case
The end result of using these bars is very effective aesthetically because it creates the appearance of a watch with solid fixed bars when it is started off as a watch with conventional spring pins.
The idea of using these pins only came to light because one of our clients who buys bulk quantities of watches for procurement contracts ordered 250 watches and in error ordered them with spring pins and then realized they needed fixed solid bars hence we used these bars as a solution and his client is 100% happy with them so clearly, this meets the requirement of a lot of clients, especially as these pins are significantly stronger than standard spring pins.
If you look at the images of some of our own watches, you can see how we have swapped the pins, and how effective the changes to their appearance is, in the case of the black PVD watch we left one remaining spring pin and fitted one new pin, so you can see the direct comparison, in the case of the divers watches, we took images before, and after the pins were swapped. Comparison with the G10 watch in the last image shows just how close it can get to the appearance of a watch that always had fixed pins from the outset.


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